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LG Unveils Two New Windows 8 Tablets


I guess it’s that time of the year again when we get mixed up in the midst of so many device launches. We have the Windows Phone 8 devices launching and more importantly the next Nexus smartphone (possibly along with the new version of Android), so it’s obvious that people would be a tad confused. But LG has just launched two new Windows 8 tablets in the form of the H160 and the V325 all-in-one, with the former featuring a slide out QWERTY keyboard. Before we go into detail about the specs of the tablet, it is important to point out that both these devices will first break cover in LG’s home turf South Korea on the 26th of this month, with sadly no mention of global availability. But LG would want to market it at a wider scale as there is a bigger market for tablets like these outside of Korea. The processors onboard the tablets are based on the x86 architecture. The H160 is believed to be compatible with LG’s Smart Pen, while it’s not clear if the V325 is compatible too.

It seems imminent that tablets like these would start rolling out by a range of manufacturers, and LG certainly wants to stand out from the crowd. The H160 has a form factor we don’t see often (in tablets at least) with its slide out full sized QWERTY keyboard hidden beneath the 11.6-inch IPS touchscreen display. The best part, however, is that unlike most other slide out QWERTY keyboard devices, this one is accessible with the press of a button which adds to the overall appeal of the device. The durability of the device though will be tested when it is rolled out in the market. LG promises battery life of 10 hours, which seems awesome for a tablet, but there’s no proof to substantiate those claims. It features an HDMI port as well as a full sized USB port for media connectivity and extra storage options. It also packs a microSD card slot for internal memory expansion. At a mere 15.5mm thick, the tablet is pretty slim given the fact that it hides a QWERTY keyboard inside.

The V325 All-In-One however comes with a huge 23-inch multitouch touchscreen with a Full HD display resolution (1920×1080), so those extra pixels will matter for the huge display. With a pixel density of 96ppi, it’s not groundbreaking especially since the market has plenty of Full HD monitors. But the fact that it is also a multitouch touchscreen will be a major selling point. Needless to say, this will be used more as a desktop rather than a portable device. It hasn’t been mentioned if the keyboard and the mouse shown in the picture will be supplied with the device. It appears to be more of an iMac replacement, to be honest. The V325 packs a TV tuner card which will be activated when the unit is turned off. It runs on the Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5 chip with NVIDIA GeForce GT640M GPU graphics processor.  So it seems like LG has covered all its bases with these tablets/notebooks. The H160 in particular has caught our eye and if LG plans to launch it globally, we can see it selling fairly well as an alternative to Intel’s ultrabooks.

Source: The Verge and YouTube (KeelSeok Jang)
Via: Microsoft News

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