LG Optimus Nexus

Google has launched few Nexus devices till now. If you aren’t aware of nexus lineup, it is basically a series of mobile devices using the Android operating system produced by Google in cooperation with selected hardware manufacturers. These devices are committed to deliver “pure Android” experience, which means the devices under Nexus branding don’t come with any carrier modifications such as HTC sense and run vanilla Android.

Coming back to the title topic, the word on the internet is that Google is planning to launch multiple Nexus smartphone devices in the near future. We have had leaked specs of Samsung GT-I9260 which is supposedly the next Nexus smartphone. We have also had rumors and leaks of a Nexus smartphone from LG. According to the previous reports, LG is developing a Nexus device that is based on company’s flagship device, the Optimus G (READ: 4.7″ LG Nexus rumored https://thedroidguy.com/2012/09/4-7-lg-nexus-rumored/). We obviously took the rumor with a pinch of salt as we were not sure if Google would let LG to build a Nexus device that is based on the company’s flagship device, but now we have some clear reports about the same and LG is indeed building a Nexus device based on the monster Optimus G.

Good folks at androidandme.com received a firsthand report from a credible source. The source claims that he isn’t a Google employee, but he has access to an insider who claims that the device is out of the development phase and has been indeed handed out to be tested. Below is his story:

“I can confirm the next nexus is LG Optimus based. The phone looks surprisingly like the Galaxy Nexus and does not have sharp corners like the LG Optimus we already know. It has a silver’ring like the iPhone 3G around the outer edge of the screen which seemed to be similar to the Galaxy Nexus in size but was much better in brightness.

I couldn’t have said if it was larger in the few minutes that I had the phone. Also, it has Nexus written on the back like the Nexus 7 except there is a color element to it. The ‘X’ is in four colors. There was also the LG logo on the back.

Android 4.2 in its current state looked exactly like the 4.1.1 we love. There were no tabs on that build version for home-screens as you suggested from your other tipster. What I was amazed by is how fluid everything seemed to be from exiting apps, switching, etc. It seems like they’ve increased the number of transitions and their types. It still had the hodge-podge mess of multiple communication tools: Messenger, GTalk, Voice and SMS.”

According to another source, MoDaCo, the device won’t be similar to Optimus G in terms of look. Below is the hardware which you can expect from this device:
• quad-core Snapdragon S4 chip
• 2GB of RAM
• 768 x 1280 True-HD IPS display
• on-screen keys
• 8-megapixel camera
• 8GB and 16GB versions
• internal storage will NOT be expandable via microSD
• non-removable battery
• wireless charging

Yes, the last point is pretty interesting. The device seems to have wireless charging capability, which is a welcome feature. This device is expected to start shipping in mid-November and will be running the latest Android 4.2 which is not released yet. Let us know your thoughts using the comment form below.

Source: Android and Me