Leaked video shows LTE on HTC 8X

The HTC 8X is a Windows Phone 8 smart phone which was announced earlier last month. The smart phone is one of the best Windows Phone 8 smart phone to date. Both Microsoft and HTC have been marketing the device as a hero in the sector, and that means the device needs to have functionality like a hero smart phone.

In a new video that has been leaked on You Tube, which seems to be designed to use as a marketing material, a very interesting feature has been leaked. 4G LTE, which is one of the most wanted feature in the United States, has not yet been included in Windows Phone 8, is now being shown on the new HTC 8X. The video discretely shows off this feature.

Last month, we also saw an HTC 8X with the Verizon 4G logo, which clearly confirmed that the US wireless carrier will be taking the awesome smart phone under its wing. There was also a leaked roadmap of the wireless carrier which showed the HTC 8X. Recently, the smart phone was spotted downtown San Francisco. This can only be considered as carrier testing, but we cannot be certain about this.

If you observe in the video below, you can see the 4G connection status throughout the video. You can say that this could only be for marketing, showing off the latest technology in an ad is good. But are Microsoft and HTC such companies which would mislead its customers? Apple had already been through this kind of controversy and had even paid penalty for it.

The HTC 8X is expected to come to all the three major carriers in the United States, AT&T, T Mobile, and Verizon. If this turns out to be true, this would be a very good news for Windows Phone 8 lovers who have been craving for high speed internet on their smart phones.

Source: WP Central

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  1. Not sure why this is surprising: HTC announced the 8X would be available on Verizon at the launch event. Verizon has stated that new smartphone devices must be LTE. Between those two things, why is it surprising it will be 4G?

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