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Jolla Mobiles will Launch a MeeGo Powered Phone by Next Month


Jolla Mobiles is a company formed by ex Nokia employees who are pretty eager to revive the MeeGo operating system. The initiative taken by this group of people is really commendable as Nokia has pretty much given up on the OS now as it has fully embraced Windows Phone in close partnership with Microsoft. And now according to reports coming from the Wall Street Journal, Jolla Mobile is prepping the launch of its first MeeGo based phone as soon as next month. This new incarnation of MeeGo will go by the name, “SailFish” apparently. Don’t get too carried away by the info as a launch could merely mean an announcement, while the actual availability might be far away from now. However, this comes as great news for MeeGo lovers who had given up hopes for the platform. These employees will aim for a great response from the consumers when it inevitably hits the market.

Jolla is actually making quite a progress although pretty silently. It has already struck a deal with a few partners along with China’s largest mobile retailer which tells us of its big plans in the industry. While we don’t expect it to sell as much as Android smartphones do, it shouldn’t do that bad either. It’s good news for tech enthusiasts that developers are still thinking out of the box when it comes to developing a mobile OS. We have seen Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko OS which showed some promise on its own. It will now depend on what the customers think when the OS is launched or announced with a proper smartphone. It is being said that Jolla will license the OS to third party manufacturers as well, so there’s some room for expansion which is always great news. Licensing deals will begin from 2013 as the developers have to get it ready. Jolla has a funding of $€200 million, which indicates that people have faith in the team.

If at all the OS turns out to be a success, it would be a colossal slap on the face of Nokia. Nokia’s Windows Phone sales haven’t been quite up to the mark in the U.S which is a key market for the company especially when it comes to Windows Phones. However, the new lot of Windows Phones show promise and things could change. But in the event of a successful next year for Jolla, Nokia would certainly feel the sting. Make sure you remember the name, as it is easy to forget this name in the tightly packed Android calendar. Not to mention the barrage of Windows Phone 8 devices heading towards us.

Source: Daily Mobile
Via: Phone Arena

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