Isis Mobile Payment System Launches In Austin and Salt Lake City

As we have all expected, the new Isis mobile payment system that had been backed by a bunch of major carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, has just launched today in Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah. As of right now, there are nine different handsets that are ready to go with the NFC-enabled app, with another 11 devices ready to go before we hit the year of 2013. As of right now, only America Express, Capital One, and Chase are supported. That isn’t a huge selection to choose from, but at least they are starting out on the right foot, eh?

In other news, we have Rogers in Canada preparing to launch their very own mobile payment system based off of NFC-enabled SIM cards. It is also beginning to look that that they won’t be having the same device restrictions as we do here in the United States. From the looks of it, we are going to be able to pop that NFC-enabled SIM int any type of phone on Rogers network, and the service will continue to work entirely well once the system has officially been rolled out. Anyone that is remotely interested in taking Isis for a test run will be required to get an entirely new SIM card as well, but keep in mind that these SIM cards will not work if your device has been rooted.

Whatever the case, Isis is going to be competing directly with Google’s own mobile payment system, which is known as “Wallet.” This could definitely make for some very interesting repercussions. It is also seeming like that some of these carriers, whom are pretty major haven’t been hesitant at all about blocking Google Wallet on their devices in favor of pushing Isis. Of course, Google could easily kick the Isis mobile payment system off of Google Play, The question here is this though: why would Google not just kick it from the Play Store? It’s actually been there for quite a bit now.

I guess that you would have to assume that both parties have already talked about this issue extensively, but at the same time it is extremely hard to see that this service was not be putting any friction in the relationship between the two companies. It will also be interesting to see how Isis does against Google’s Wallet service. Google Wallet originally came out first, and while it is not supported on many devices, it is on a lot of the more popular ones.

That said, I wonder how mainstream Google Wallet will be because of Isis. I mean, we all know a lot of people are going to take a crack at Isis, and then later decide that they are going back to Google. What is even more interesting is that the really big carriers are the guys backing the Isis mobile payment system. Why would they back that as opposed to Google Wallet since they have been supplying Nexus phones and such for years now.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and if you want to take this for a spin, anyone local to the newly launched locations can head to the home page and find out more.

source: android central