iPhone 5 sales slow down due to quality issues with aluminium chassis

One Insider says, “Apple’s decision to use lightweight anodized 6000 series aluminium for the iPhone 5’s uni-body chassis has caused some units to show signs of wear out-of-the-box, prompting stricter quality control measures that have negatively impacted production yields.”

That sums up the whole story. Shortly after the Cupertino tech giant started selling its sixth generation iPhone in stores, early adopters started complaining of scratches found on their brand new iPhone 5. This later on sparked a whole controversy called the “scuffgate.”

A source who is familiar with the production standards at the manufacturing plant which manufactures the aluminium cases for the iPhone 5 has tipped Bloomberg that senior Apple managers had instructed Foxconn to tighten the quality control measures with the cases a bit more shortly after the release of the iPhone 5 into the markets. Apple Insider writes:

The report echoes a report from last week that claimed workers at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory went on strike over newly instituted quality control requirements and denial of vacation time. Though the Chinese manufacturer later denied the claims, the initial report noted that Apple had mandated a lower tolerance for so-called “indentations,” bringing acceptable limits down to 0.02mm. Other preventative measures to ensure scratch-free iPhones were also said to be in place.

Foxconn representatives said its plants are running at full capacity, and no slowdown in iPhone 5 production has been reported. However, workers told Bloomberg that the handset’s soft metal shell is prone to scratches in all phases of assembly, making it difficult to deliver a perfect final unit. As a result, fewer aluminum chassis passed through the tightened quality control standards, further constricting the iPhone’s already short supply.

Another source which is familiar with Foxconn’s production facility says that the production was stopped for some time at the company’s Zhengzhou facility due to the shortage of aluminium housings. And the company has denied this as well.

Did your new iPhone 5 also have scratches?

Source: Apple Insider

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