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iPad Mini will be Wi Fi only

The rumor mill will never stop producing rumors about the devices coming out from the Cupertino tech giant. Be it the iPod, or the iPhone, or the iPad, we will have rumors about the new versions of these devices every day of a month, and every month in a year. I do not know who cooks up all these rumors and from where they get so much time. But the new rumor about the yet to be made official 7.85 inch iPad Mini is out.

According to the new rumor that comes from anonymous sources, the smaller iPad will be a Wi Fi only model, leaving all those curious minds that have been waiting to carry a smaller tablet around the town, enraged. But do keep this in mind, this is just another rumor, and nothing official about this has happened yet. If the iPad Mini does come as a Wi Fi only model, then the thought of using it as the primary tablet is out of the question. You can just use it as a replacement for your bigger iPad when you are in your home for browsing or watching online videos.

Earlier rumors have suggested that the new smaller 7.85 inch iPad Mini will come with the new Lightning port from Apple. Also, the earphones that the company announced during the announcement of the new iPhone 5 may be included in the bundle. There are various other rumors which say that the 7.85 inch display will be a Retina display with a pixel density comparable to that of the new iPad 3. Also, the speaker grill on the 7 inch iPad Mini is expected to be changed.

The Cupertino tech giant sure seems to be prepping the small tablet for its launch (or it may not be), but we cannot be completely sure of anything. We have seen a lot of mock up images of the tablet, even videos where we can clearly make out that there are a lot of Chinese manufacturers who are waiting to sell their accessories and fake iPad Minis to make some extra bucks.

Source: Ubergizmo

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