iPad Mini to be announced on Oct 23 according to Reuters

iPad Mini Rendering by Martin Hajek

Apple Insider writes:

Following a similar report on Friday, Reuters says Apple will be holding a special event in late October, where the company is expected to announce a new, small form factor tablet dubbed the “iPad mini.”

Sources familiar with Apple’s plans said the Cupertino-based company is preparing to unveil the iPad mini on Oct. 23, which will supposedly be priced to compete with less expensive offerings from Amazon and Google, reports Reuters.

While failling short of specifically naming the iPad mini as the device to be announced, the source said Apple is set to unveil a “new product” at a “major” Oct. 23 event, just days before Microsoft is slated to roll out Windows 8 and the Surface tablet.

That kind of summarizes the whole story. We have been seeing rumors like this one from almost a couple of weeks. Since almost all of these rumors suggest Oct 23rd as the day when the Cupertino tech giant is going to unveil its smaller, more budget friendly tablet, I guess we can start believing this rumor. There have been no actual images of the product which have been leaked online, but there is one person who claims that he has seen the actual product.

According to Topeka Capital analyst Brian White, who has seen the actual iPad Mini in action when he made his trips to the facilities of component manufacturers who supply to Apple, the smaller 7.85 inch iPad Mini is indeed comparable to those offered by Google, with Asus, and Amazon. So we can expect that the 7 inch tablet market is going to be mastered by the Cupertino tech giant only.

“We actually had the opportunity to play with a pilot iPad Mini used by one of the vendors,” White said. “This 7.85-inch iPad Mini fit our hands like a glove and we were easily able to tuck the device in our sport coat, offering consumers a more mobile iPad experience for certain use cases.”

Source: Apple Insider