iPad Mini pics leaked on Twitter

There have been a lot of rumors about the Cupertino tech giant’s 7 inch tablet, the iPad Mini. There has been no official word about the tablet from the company, but the rumor mill is not going to keep quiet. People from China, where most of Apple’s parts are manufactured, are very much interested in leaking out, or manufacturers mock ups of the devices that the company releases, giving birth to countless rumors. And the case with the mysterious 7 inch tablet, iPad Mini, is no different.

Today, we have another news about the device. A guy name Sonny Dickson, a “tech enthusiast” and “9to5Mac researcher”, apparently, has posted a small set of images of the yet to be announced and still mysterious tablet, the iPad Mini. The 7 inch tablet shown in these images is not powered up, giving space to the doubt that this could just be another mock up. All the iPad Mini images leaked from the Chinese subcontinent are always turned off, clearing showing that these are just mock ups and not the actual smaller version of the company’s success story, the iPad.

The iPad Mini, shown in these images, also bears the 32 GB stamp on the back of the device, same as the ones leaked by Chinese people in other rumors, giving rise to another doubt that this unit could be the same unit from China, but in a different place and in the hands of a different user. Could that be possible? Well, why not?

Also, there is a small environmental mic at the top centre of the device, which is kind of, well, surprising. The overall size of the device is about 70 per cent of the original iPad. Also, the unit in the released images features the company’s new Lightning port. Did the Chinese mockers just updated their mock up units?

Source: Reghardware

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