iPad Mini Event Can Possibly Be Watched Live On Windows

It looks like the iPad Mini event is going to be streamed on Apple’s website. Although, the catch to this is in the fine print. It says that, to watch the event, you will have to be running an OS X or iOS device. Although, it does say you can watch it on Safari as well. Now, I do not know if it will somehow detect if you have a Apple device and deny you access, but you can certainly download Safari on your Windows machine and then try and watch the event on Apple’s website. Hopefully this will allow Windows users to watch the event.

As you probably know, Apple does not usually stream any of their media events when the reveal their latest and supposedly “greatest” devices, however, the one that is taking place today right now, the iPad Mini event, will be an exception to their general practices. This could even be the first of many. Unfortunately, the event isn’t going to be streamed on any of the typical channels, but it will be broadcast on the Apple TV. Of course, if you want to watch this event you’re going to need an Apple TV (or possibly Safari on a Windows machine). Apple has officially confirmed that the all new Apple Events app is being rolled out to Apple TVs all around the world, and inside this application, users will be able to find the “Apple Special Event – Live” entry, which, as many of you may guess, is no other but today’s event surrounding the iPad Mini event.

As of this moment, we aren’t too sure as to what other channels where the event could be streamed, but if we’re able to find something, we will definitely keep you posted!

UPDATE: Apparently I’ve been out of the loop. I originally thought the event was going to be streamed on October 24th as opposed to the 23rd. This means that the event is basically over now. Although, Apple’s website does mention for you to check back soon. I’m going to assume that they mean a VoD will be posted, and whether that will be on YouTube or not is questionable, as they originally wanted viewers to watch from an Apple device. Or, they could make the VoD widespread, just require you to login to your Apple account to watch this. This has all definitely been quite a hassle to watch this event.

I’m rather curious as to why Apple has limited this event so much? Is it because they want to avoid all of the hate from Android users? Is it because they just want to provide the service to their loyal customers? To me, this is rather confusing as to why they did this, but still, a VoD could be possible.

We’ll let you all know when a VoD is posted along with instructions on how to access it when it arrives on their website.

Feel free to leave your raging Apple comments below, we know you at least have a few wanting to come out!

source: phone arena

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  1. Thats all there is, for all that HYPE? Nothing more?

    Actually, I expected the ifad 4 to be a 10.1 to 11.8 model. They are too close to the same size to matter.

    Personally, from looking at the specs, I would have thought that the proper price, compared to the Nexus, would have been $199.00. Oh, well, there is that Apple logo to pay for.

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