iPad Mini Components Turn Up In Photos, Mimicing iPhone 5 Design

Rumors of the iPad Mini have been heating up, and leaked iPad Mini components have turned up online claiming to be the real deal as opposed to just mock-ups that we have seen so many times in the past. The latest photos of the iPad Mini that has turned up comes from the Ukranian iPhone news blog. The photos show that those who are wanting to go with a smaller version of the iPad will be very pleased. If the pictures are legit, we’ll have a black color of the iPad Mini too, and it seems that you will be able to surf the web without the need of a Wi-Fi network (we’re sure there will be an option for wi-fi only though!).

If the images prove to be correct, and there are a numerous amount of reasons to expect that they are and aren’t, we can expect the black anodised aluminum shell that is similar to Apple’s most recent iPhone 5, along with a nano SIM slot that will give users the ability to jump on the internet whenever they need to get to it. Some other details from the photos have revealed that there is also going to be a rear camera on the iPad Mini, a headphone socket at the top of the tablet (as opposed to the bottom) and a slot at the bottom of the iPad Mini for the new lightning cable.

With a rumored October 10th invite date, and rumors going even further, we should be seeing the new launch of the iPad Mini before we wrap up the month of October. With that said, we shouldn’t have a very long wait to find out whether the rumors from the Ukraine iPhone news blog are legit or not. Whatever the case, the iPad Mini is most likely something that would only appeal to users who already own an iPad. Apple is, what I think, way too late to the 7 inch tablet party, as a lot of companies have already saturated that market, such as Samsung Electronics with their Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. Apple could do extremely well with the 7 inch tablet, but whether it will sell like hot cakes or not is pretty questionable. Who knows though, maybe Samsung will bring up a new lawsuit with Apple for copying their slim, black Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 design. I can’t wait to see how that one will turn out in the courts.

Is anyone looking forward to getting one of their own iPad Mini’s? Are you content with your current tablet, if you even have a current tablet? Do you think that Apple will do well in the 7 inch tablet market even though Samsung and other companies already have it pretty covered? I wish Apple well with this new tablet, but like Microsoft is late to the tablet scene, I think Apple is pretty late to the 7 inch market.

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source: pocket lint

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