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iGrill for Android devices

I know that cooking is no way related to this blog, and you would not be interested to read this particular post if you are not a cook, and not interested in anything related to cooking. As I enjoy cooking and want to serve my guests the best food I can cook, I am on constant look out for any kind of gadget or accessory that can help me cook better. And there are many such accessories if you are an Apple lover and have Apple post PC products such as the iPhone, or the iPod Touch, or even the iPad.

But there are very less number of such accessories when it comes to Android. And since I am an Android person, I want to share this post with my fellow cooks. If you are a grill master, here is one accessory for your Android smart phone or tablet which will help you cook your meat perfectly. Basically, we are going to look at a meat thermometer. Yes, a meat thermometer, you read it right.

The accessory is called the iGrill, by iDevices (that is a company which loves Apple devices). The iGrill was first brought for iOS based devices, but now the product has been ported to Android as well. So what exactly does it do? Well, when you are doing your meat, you just let the cable attached to this accessory with the meat down to the oven. The accessory monitors the temperature of the meat.

You can now go back to doing whatever you want to do. The device will be paired to your Android smart phone or tablet, or even iOS based smart phones and tablets over Bluetooth. When the mean reaches the perfect temperature, the app on your smart phone or tablet alerts you. You can then go take it out and serve it with some really good spices.

The iGrill device costs you $79.99, but for that price, you get really awesome cooked meat. The app can be downloaded onto your smart phone or tablet for free from either the Android Play Store or the Apple iTunes Store. Watch the video below for a demo.

Source: Talk Android

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