iCloud paid subscriptions for MobileMe immigrants extended till 2013

When the Cupertino tech giant announced its new online storage service, the iCloud, it already had a lot of paid users subscribed to its then online storage service, Mobile Me. The company was planning to discontinue the Mobile Me service and hence, asked all the subscribers of the service to migrate to the new iCloud service.

People who were paid subscribers of the Mobile Me service were offered free iCloud subscription till the 30th of September, 2012. That was last Sunday. The service was to expire for these people unless they decided to pay the subscription charges for the next year and extend their subscription.

But the company has decided against it now. The company has sent out emails to such paid Mobile Me subscribers that their subscription will be extended till the 30th of September, 2013. That is another full year of free iCloud subscription, how does that sound?

But, there is one bad news accompanying this awesome news. There was a report on the 30th of last month that these subscribers will also get a 25 GB bump in their iCloud storage space. The Cupertino tech giant has announced that it was just a glitch and there is no such offer from the company. But the extension of the subscription is the real deal.

If you are not sure about what the iCloud is, it is a service that Apple offers with which you can easily store all your contacts, songs, photos and other data on the Apple servers and access them from any Apple device which is linked to your Apple account. This is really a very great option for those who like to have a lot of images and music portable with them at all times but the storage on their iPhones limit that. You can simply dump all those files to iCloud and stream them directly on your iPhone or any other device whenever and wherever you need.

Source: TUAW

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