HTC’s ‘Get Started’ Helps You Set Up Your New Sense Device

HTC has been really trying to push the limits of their hardware and software, but that’s not the only thing they have been focusing on, as they also want to make smartphones much easier for the average to set up and use. If you’re reading tech blogs, gaming blogs, anything in the realm of “tech,” there’s probably a really good chance that smartphones and the internet a just a general part of your life, and you really understand how everything works. We have to keep in mind that this isn’t the case for everyone, and that is who HTC is trying to help.

On a lot of different places around the internet where people are talking about ROMs and OTA updates, that comes with people asking questions on how to set up a Google account or even what Dropbox is. We all weren’t born knowing this stuff, we had to learn it. With that said, HTC is trying to make this process as easy as possible for its users, which I think, is a great initiative.

As of right now, HTC’s ‘Get Started’ service is only available for Sense 4+ devices like the One X+. HTC has said that they have plans to back-port this service all the way to the One series phones, along with some of their most popular Sense 3.5 phones. The Get Started service is also for devices that are being sold internationally, but it’s a possibility that we could be seeing a carrier partnership in the United States for new tools or something. Sort of like what AT&T has already been doing with the various newer Android devices.

If you are looking to get started with your new HTC device, you should head on over to their website to get your device booted up and ready to go! HTC explains everything very thoroughly and in a way you can understand very easily. From setting up your Google account to learning how you to personalize your device for you, HTC has nearly every aspect of it covered. To be honest, I think this is a great thing coming from HTC, especially for all of the Android newcomers that are trying to “test” the waters, or just moving over entirely. Whatever the case, it’s really great that HTC is taking the time to do this for newcomers.

Are you going to be using this service when you get your new HTC handset to see what it is all about, or are you just going to set up your phone on your own like you have in the past (then again, whether you are a newcomer or not, there are still on-screen instructions)? Maybe, you are still trying to find the perfect phone, in which case you should go here to get more information on that. We’ve written up an excellent guide how to find your next Android smartphone!

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source: Android Central

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