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HTC’s finances getting worse

HTC was once a very well known which manufactured stunning smart phones. Before Android happened, the company was one of the manufacturers of premium Windows Mobile smart phones, and after Android happened, the Taiwanese based company started releasing really hot Android smart phones. But lately, almost from last year, the company has been under loss. The reason? Well, companies such as Apple and Samsung, have been releasing better smart phones, at least their marketing is better than that of HTC, resulting in better sales.

The Taiwanese tech giant has been seeing its profit curve go down steadily from the previous three quarters. The fourth quarter shows no hope of improvement. The company has just released a report with its financial results, and this is not really a good news for the investors in the company. Gizmodo writes:

Sadly, it’s the fourth consecutive quarter in which the corporation’s profits have been down, with net profit hitting a low of $133.2 million compared to last year’s $636.5 million. With figures that keep dropping, HTC sure is having a rough time of things financially.

The company’s latest Android devices, the HTC One X and the HTC One S, have been well received by the markets around the world, but that is not enough. The company has already announced its next big Android device, the HTC One X+, which is for sure, promising. Also, the company has announced two new Windows Phone 8 devices, the HTC 8X and the HTC 8 S. The devices are good specked for sure, but will they survive in the market which is filled with too many Android and Windows Phone 8 smart phones (soon)?

And Apple is one of the biggest competitors for the company, which is kind of dedicated in weeding out as many Android smart phone manufacturers as it can. It has targeted all the major smart phone manufacturers, and has left almost all of these wounded. What will be the future of the company? Only time can tell that.


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