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HTC One X Jelly Bean Update leaked, custom ROM now available for download

Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC, has already confirmed that HTC One X will be getting Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update at the end of the month. While it is good news for some owners, others can’t just wait to see JB in action. Consequently, we have seen One X running the latest version of Android as early as July. Thanks to the brilliant minds of XDA Developers who were behind the successful port, although it was not really perfect that time.

However, a month prior to the official roll out of HTC One X Jelly Bean update, the ROM was leaked giving XDA developer community a huge opportunity to make it work perfectly this time. Users who are into taking risks just to make their devices run custom ROMs may be the ones who could enjoy it; average users are advised not to venture out in flashing the ROM as it requires skills only experienced developers know. Reportedly, there is an issue in update HBoot with S-On; thus, it was released specifically for developers.

Unfortunately, for now, the leaked update is not compatible with all versions of One X. In fact, there are only a handful of owners who will be able to enjoy it. To determine whether your device is okay for this update, you have to check your device’s CID number. You can either download the CID Getter app from the Google Play Store or run the following command on fastboot: Fastboot oem readcid.

HTC One X smartphones that have the following CID numbers are the only ones compatible with this leaked Jelly Bean update.

  • cidnum: HTC__001
  • cidnum: HTC__E11
  • cidnum: HTC__203
  • cidnum: HTC__102
  • cidnum: HTC__405
  • cidnum: HTC__Y13
  • cidnum: HTC__A07
  • cidnum: HTC__304
  • cidnum: HTC__M27
  • cidnum: HTC__032
  • cidnum: HTC__016
  • cidnum: HTC__J15

If your device has any of the CIDs above and you think you have what it takes to make the flashing successful, then you have to visit XDA Developer forums to know the step-by-step tutorial. For those who do not want to take the risk, wait for HTC One X official Jelly Bean update. After all, there is only a couple of weeks left before the roll out.

Sources: Flashing Tutorial | FAQ

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