HTC One X gets Jelly Bean update

Jelly Bean, or Android 4.1, is one of the most wanted update for Android smart phones today. This is because Google has introduced Project Butter in Jelly Bean, which makes animations a lot smoother and faster. Also, the operating system brings in a lot of performance enhancements to the tablet. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) all around the world are busying readying the Jelly Bean updates for their smart phones.

Samsung has been one of the manufacturers who have been active in seeding the Jelly Bean update to its premium smart phones, and today, we have the news that HTC is also joining that list by releasing the Jelly Bean update to its premium Android smart phone, the HTC One X. The news is that the update has started to roll out in Europe, other parts of the world are supposed to follow soon.

The benchmark scores of the HTC One X with the new Jelly Bean update shows good results. In some of these benchmark results, the HTC One X running Jelly Bean shows better results than the Jelly Bean running Samsung Galaxy S III. You may think that this sounds like the supercharged HTC One X+, but it is not.

GSM Arena has posted some results of the benchmarks of HTC One X running Jelly Bean. The web browser on the HTC One X is said to have seen a lot of enhancements with the Jelly Bean, and you may say this was required compared to the browser on the Ice Cream Sandwich running HTC One X. GSM Arena writes:

The Jelly Bean-running HTC One X gets ahead of a Jelly Bean-running Samsung Galaxy S III, at least in these benchmarks, and makes it very competitive with the LG Optimus G (which has a next-gen Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset but ICS is keeping it back).

Source: GSM Arena

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