HTC and Samsung WP8 devices to be cheaper than Nokia WP8 devices

HTC and Samsung have been busy designing and developing their own Windows 8 smart phones and tablets, getting ready to launch them later this month, as soon as the Redmond based operating system giant, Microsoft, releases the mobile operating system. Nokia, which shifted its attention from its very own Symbian mobile operating system to Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile operating system some time back, is the only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) who is concentrating much on Windows Phone 8 devices.

Second to Nokia comes HTC, as the company is losing its ground in the Android eco system. The Taiwan based smart phone giant was once known very well for its Windows Mobile based smart phones and PDAs. Then Google’s Android happened and almost all the companies shifted their interested to Android, making Microsoft to drop Windows Mobile after the version 6.5. And now, the company is back with Windows Phone 8, and it looks like HTC is going back home to Windows Phone mobile operating system.

It is being said that the two companies, HTC and Samsung will be pricing their Windows Phone 8 based smart phones very aggressively, to compete Nokia in its own market. Digi Times quotes its sources as saying the following:

For HTC and Samsung, the launch of WP8 smartphones means additional business opportunities, since the two vendors have been focusing on Android-based models, the sources indicated.

Samsung has less pressure for the release of WP8 phones thanks to strong sales of its Android models, said the sources, adding that the roll-out of WP8 smartphones is just part of Samsung’s deployment of related Windows 8 devices.

Additionally, the WP8-based Ascend W1 from Huawei may available for US$300-350 unlocked, the sources added.

Are you interested in any of these?

Source: Digitimes

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