HP CEO says no smartphone in 2013

HP had tried to enter the smart phone and tablet market last year with its WebOS operating system, with a series of smart phones and the Touch Pad tablet. But unfortunately, both the products brought loses to the company. The tablet was such a big loss that the company had to offer huge discounts and price cuts on the tablet’s price for clearing the stocks in its manufacturing plants that in some parts of the world, the Touch Pad was sold with a price tag of just $49.

The case with the HP smart phones was very similar. But the company did somehow clear all the stocks and decided not to consider the market for the time being. The company went back to its usual business.

Earlier this year, rumros started coming up again that the company is working on a new line of smart phones with the Web OS as the operating system again. This new line of smart phones was rumoured to see the release date some time in the next calendar year, that is 2013. But this turns out to be just a rumor, and not the real deal. writes:

In a recent meeting with analysts, HP CEO Meg Whitman made a statement that effectively kills all rumors of an HP smartphone for 2013. “We don’t have any plans to introduce a smartphone in 2013,” said Whitman, even though she is well aware of the fact that her company may have to ultimately offer one eventually.

This can mean two things. One, the company is really not interested in bringing out any smart phone and will not think of entering that market in the near future. Or two, the company is almost ready with product and may release it in the near future, before 2013. Which one do you want to believe? This is anybody’s guess.


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