How to Earn Money with Your Smartphone (iPhone and Android)

Nah! We are not going to talk about any illicit ways of earning money “for” your smartphone (As a matter of fact, this is not another iPhone 5 article).Alternatively, we are going to talk about how to earn money ‘with’ your smartphone.

Waiting for train, sitting in a boring lecture or caught up in a stupid social gathering? Wish there was something better you can do with your smartphone instead of squandering your time, playing some monotonous games? Well, you can utilize those trivial spare moments to mint a few odd bucks. Here is a list of some apps that actually pay you back, instead of the usual. These earnings might be scarce, but they might come handy, as any surplus earning is always gratifying.

1)      Gigwalk: Undoubtedly, the most perfect and peachy pocket-money app. The app pays you for little gigs you can do while you’re on the streets- like taking photos or videos of places, mapping a location, gathering local pricing information, verifying road signs, mystery shopping, testing mobile apps, and much more. These simple tasks can fetch you anywhere around $3 to $60, depending on your Gigwalk experience.  The checkout is through PayPal, so you can transfer the add-on cash directly to your bank account. The app is currently available only for iPhone users. The Android version is still under development and the beta version is expected to be released very soon.

There’s also one more app called Easy Shift, where you can pick up some quick two to ten minutes assignments and earn up to 20$. Just in case Gigwalk is not available in your locality or you have tried out those tasks, you can look for alternative tasks on Easy Shift.

2)      AppTrailers:  Another great app which allows you to earn easy bucks just by installing apps and watching a few app trailers. The app is actually less annoying than other survey apps, which boggle you with idiotic questions and fluffy adverts. Earning coins is pretty easy and straight-forward. You just have to watch videos of the latest released Android/iOS apps on your smartphone. Also the referral system is very hunky-dory. For instance, for every friend that joins in, you mint an easy 0.25$. You can also install its sister app called App Redeem to earn extra points for installing apps.

The checkout options for App Trailers include PayPal, Amazon, Starbucks, Amazon, Best Buy, Xbox, Zynga, Play Station, Google Play, Facebook, Wii, Nike, eBay, Nintendo 3DS and much more. It really is an awesome app to get some fast and easy cash in your spare time. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

3)      Bing Rewards: If you’re canny enough, you can easily make $5/ month with this program. Just go to the site and search for 20 products in a day. You earn points for each item you browse through. Also, inviting your friends can grab you 15 to 25 odd bonus points. You can cash them via PayPal once you cross the 500 mark. Currently, the app is available only for iPhone and Windows devices.

4)      Field agent: Quite similar to Gigwalk, but less popular. You can earn some easy cash by doing some trivial tasks like mystery shopping, scanning bar codes, taking polls, exploring neighborhoods and much more, while you’re waiting in a long queue outside a shop-market. The tasks fetch you anywhere around $3 to $12, which can be cashed out via PayPal. The app is available only for iPhone users.

5)      WeReward: Get paid for every check-in you make. Most businesses around you have been registered with WeReward program. Hence, you earn points for every location you check-in or every new product you try.
When you check-in to the locations on the app, you have a pre-defined task-list to be completed. The tasks include taking picture of you with the product at the store, or perhaps, trying out a new product. For every task you successfully complete, you earn points. Once you collect more than 1000 points (equivalent to 10$), you can redeem them through PayPal.

The options mentioned below do not earn you hard cash but you can earn gift coupons and discounts by signing up for one or more programs.  A penny saved is a penny earned, anyways.

6)      Groupon: While this app might not allow you to make money, it salvages your indispensable greenbacks by providing exclusive deals/discounts on businesses, in and around you. Groupon is based on a unique concept which helps businesses prosper, while taking care of consumer’s interests. If you’re the type of person who hangs around a lot, Groupon is for you. Download this app now and save money on what you eat, see, do and buy. Available for both iOS and Android.

7)      Swagbucks: Earn gift-cards by searching web, shopping online, completing surveys, watching videos, playing games and doing some totally random things. It is relatively easier to earn points through Swagbucks than any other online rewards program. This overtly popular online rewards program is available for both iOS and Android.

8)      Shopkick: Next time you go window shopping, make sure you have this app installed on your smartphone. You can earn “kicks” (analogous to points) for every item you scan or buy from partner stores. The kicks earned are redeemable for gift cards or discount coupons. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

9)      CheckPoints: As the name suggests, CheckPoints is another window shopping app, where you can gather points for checking into stores and scanning items. You can also gather points by playing some games or completing anonymous offers. You can redeem the collected points for gift cards (iTunes, Amazon) or some discount coupons. The app is currently available for only iOS.

10)   Prizerebel: Prizerebel is another good option for those who have lots of time to kill and don’t mind completing endless surveys and offers. Though the referral system is a bit shady, you do gain points for every friend that joins in and becomes an active member. You can redeem the points earned for Xbox, eBay, Amazon and more such gift coupons. The site has no app though but the web interface is subtle enough to be run on your smartphone’s default browser.

If you have any other fancy ideas of earning money with your smartphone, please do share it with us in the comments below.

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