Horn Review — Zynga’s First UDK Powered Game

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $6.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Despite The Dark Knight Rises’ awesome dark and gritty feel, Horn is spectacularly beautiful. While Gameloft did a great job translating the dark themed world of Gotham City into a game, Zynga has done a fantastic job creating some visually impressive and beautiful graphics for Horn. This is one specific mobile game I would say that hardcore PC gamers would like. Coming from me, that’s really saying something. I’m a huge fan of games like Elder Scrolls, Kingdoms of Amalur, and RPG games in general. Horn wets that taste by offering an open 3d world for players to explore through. No game on Android has such a experience, at least yet, and Horn may just be leading the way towards that.

While I’m always one to highly suggest a controller on touch devices just because touch controls are often clunky, you do not want to do that with Horn. Horn offers its own uniquely styled gameplay and combat system, it’s so good to the point where you will want to use touch gestures in the game. Combat is auto detected, so whenever you near a monster, you begin the auto-attack system where you can dodge by pressing two arrows, and you can also swipe the monster to do your awesome slicing attacks. Combat is always fun, and rarely ever gets boring because of the variety of monster mechanics. Every monster you fight often has some very unique mechanics.

With all of that said, those are some very good things about the game that will keep you interested, but a lot of the environments are entire repeats of other segments of the game, it’s really weird to explain. It just feels very linear, despite their claim of a vast 3D open world. Whatever the reasoning behind this, the rest of the mechanics and amazingly awesome combat really balances this out. I highly enjoy this game, which you might of guessed, as I am a huge fan of RPG’s and Horn does a great job at quenching the RPG taste. Though Horn will not offer you Skyrim-like features, it does a good job at being one of the first mobile RPG’s worth playing.

Zynga isn’t a company that I often look too for my gaming needs. Angry birds wasn’t my style, and Amazing Alex wasn’t either, it was definitely geared towards more casual players. Horn was a huge surprise coming from Zynga, such a surprise that I am looking for a sort-of sequel that will fix the linear “open world” environment.

Horn is an excellent game and I seriously recommend giving this specific title a look. The game is going to set you back by $7 on both iOS and Android, but is entirely worth it. There is a very good amount of content in this game, and will keep you busy for a few hours. I would highly suggest playing this game on a tablet, as opposed to a smartphone because that is what it plays very well on.

A job well done, Zynga.