Great Big War Game’s Stunning Graphics

So, I’ve reviewed Great Big War Game in the past, but I was reviewing it off of the basis that I was playing it on my smartphone. Now that I have one of the best tablets in the market (at the time of this writing), I would kind of like to give this specific title a re-review, as the graphics are superb on it, and the processing speed is crazier fast than it already was on the smartphone.

Now, the graphics are insanely beautiful. Keep in mind that this is a turn-based game, so in a sense, they have both time and money to flesh out some wicked awesome graphics. I don’t want to say that the graphics are Disney style, but that’s what they almost look like. It’s definitely a good fit for the game though, as it goes with the comedic route that Rubicon Development went with the War Game series (i.e. Great Little War Game or Great Big War Game).

To give you a very quick overview, you are given coins in Great Big War Game and are supposed to use those coins to purchase troops and ultimately kill the other team (in this case, the red team). That’s all there is to it, and it’s extremely fun in multiplayer mode. On the flip side of things, there is also a campaign mode that is extremely funny and comedic, I really enjoyed it.

Again, the huge focus of the game is graphics, it almost seems, that or I am just so amazed at how good they are I am blind to everything else.  The turn-based combat is fun, but the graphics is awesome, especially when using an HD tablet. I play the game on my ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T and am able to see a huge difference from my Motorola Atrix 2. It’s almost like a entirely new experience. The graphics are so much more clear and crisp than what you would see on your smartphone. Many of you may have gone out and purchased this game on your smartphone, but if you have a tablet and have decided that you don’t like it, I would highly suggest loading it up on your tablet as opposed to your smartphone. You won’t regret. Rubicon did a fantastic job getting it all perfect, and if they were to create an official HD version of the game, I am 100% sure that it would look even more stunning than they already are.

Currently the game is available on Google Play for a very reasonable price. I think it’s $3, but I can’t confirm that as I bought the app quite a while back, and can not figure out a way to find the price with it already on my device(s).

Overall, the game offers some extremely fun gameplay, and stunning graphics. It’s really worth the amount they are asking for. I’m really waiting impatiently for Rubicon’s next War Game offering (it’ll probably be Great Huge War Game, but that’s just an assumption!).

Let me know how you think this game plays on a tablet compared to the smartphone!