Granny Smith For Android Review

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $0.99

Downloads: Google Play | iTunes

Granny Smith is one of the newer titles to enter the Google Play Store, and had thus far, gotten some really great reviews, so I decided to try it myself. I was surprised to find out that Mediocre, the creators of the hit title, Sprinkle, were actually the ones that put this together. Sprinkle is a game that actually requires its players to have some sort of brain functionality and thinking capacity. Medicore, being of the better game developers out there, offers some awesome compatibility with various tablets and handsets. Granny Smith is a lot different than Sprinkle though, this has a lot more fast-paced movement and “action” to it.

Granny Smith’s goal is to get her apples before the thief who has been stealing from her garden gets them. You skate through the various farmland and cityscapes, whilst crashing through barns, trains, office rooms and etc, as you continue to pursuit of this piece of fruit. Definitely unique, and is actually fairly silly. I’ve never imagined myself playing as an old Grandma in roller skates trying to retrieve a precious piece of fruit while blasting through offices, building and etc. Still, Mediocre does not disappoint with this title, as the game keeps you very intrigued in this fast-paced platformer game. After playing Sprinkle for a fairly long time, I am glad the Mediocre was able to deliver on this title.

Granny Smith also does not fail to offer some really “fancy” graphics. Mediocre has almost made a Disney Pixar style of graphics, which makes the game really intriguing in it’s art style. At the same time, it takes on its very own form of uniqueness, which I really happen to enjoy. It’s not something that I would love to look at all day, as I am more of a fan of UDK-esque graphics, but they still are very nice graphics. Also, as we saw in Sprinkle, the graphics had a few issues, but as far as I can tell, in Granny Smith there have been no issues with graphics thus far, I am really happy with that.

When it comes down to it, Granny Smith is a extremely fast-paced platformer that is filled with some spectacular stunts that apparently old woman are able to do. It comes with 48 different hand-crafted levels all set in three different landscapes. So far, the levels have been pretty challenging, but at the same time aren’t frustrating, which really makes me satisfied in what they had to offer. Granny Smith by Mediocre will only set you back by a mere $0.99, and is currently available on both Google Play and iOS.

This title does not fail to deliver on any sort of fun level. It will keep you intrigued and even addicted for many hours to come. After playing this and Sprinkle, I am definitely looking forward to seeing what else Mediocre is able to pull out of their sleeves. Surely it’ll be something unique and intuitive.

I highly suggest picking up this title, it is well worth it!


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