Goophone’s Android iPad Mini clone for $99

Goophone, the infamous handset manufacturer in China, is already out with its latest product, and if you thought it was the mini version its GooPad tablet, you are absolutely correct, and it is called the GooPad Mini. That is right, it sounds so similar to iPad Mini. And wait till you see it. Then you would say, “it looks so similar to the iPad Mini.” And that is because the GooPad Mini is a cheap rip off clone of the iPad Mini, but runs on Google’s mobile operating system, Android, instead of the Cupertino tech giant’s iOS 6.

We have already seen a lot of iDevices clones coming out from the Chinese manufacturer, we have seen the iPhone 4S clone and the iPhone 5 clone, and also the iPad clone called the GooPad. The new iPad Mini lookalike, known as the GooPad Mini, has an 8 inch touch screen display with a 1.4 GHz dual core processor, 1 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of on board storage. And all this for just $99. Yes! That is amazing. The Register writes:

Although The Reg couldn’t find reference to [GooPad Mini] on Goophone’s .hk site, the firm has form in the tablet space – having previously sold a 9.7in iPad rip-off dubbed the GooPad.

Gizmochina, a Chinese tech site, had featured a poster on its web site which had the GooPad Mini shining like a star, with a tagline which sounds a lot like Apple’s own tagline, “Every inch a GooPad mini”. The GooPad Mini tablet is going to be launched in the market in the next month.

You may think that the lawyers of the Cupertino tech giant will be all heated up to sue this little company in China, but that is not the case, it is actually the opposite. The Register writes:

The firm even had the cheek to issue a public warning to Apple after launching its Goophone i5 device that it had already patented the design in China and would sue if the fruity tech titan tried to sell its new phone in the People’s Republic.

Source:The Register

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