Google Wallet Website Hints At Multi-Platform Support

Google is starting to tease an all new version of its Google wallet service over on their official website. What is interesting about this specifically is that the service might actually start rolling out to non-Android device soon as well. The reason we are led to believe this is because upon requesting an invite on their website, you are then prompted to answer whether you are using an Android device, an iOS device, or some “other” device. As you can imagine, that could mean things like webOS or even the Windows Phone platform. Of course, this isn’t confirmed yet, but it is just a guess as to what “other” could mean. It will really be interesting to see the Google Wallet versions for iPhones, Blackberry devices, or even Windows Phone.

It is no surprise that Google wants to expand their service to other platforms with the Isis mobile payment system starting to roll out and such. As I reported earlier today, I did mention that Isis was really trying to compete with Google Wallet, and Google would need to do something to combat this. So, here we are folks, Google is starting to expand their service to other handset platforms as well. It would be nice to see Google Wallet come to other countries besides the United States as well, but again, there are legal issues behind that, so we may not see that any time soon. Of course, that is unless Google hasn’t been working on a way to enable that somehow. Which would actually be pretty cool, Google Wallet becoming more widespread sounds like a nice idea, no?

All of that said, this will essentially allow you to bring your Google Wallet to to other devices. The upcoming Windows 8 phones from both HTC and Nokia will have NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities as well, although this is going to leave the newly released iPhone 5 out of the tap-to-pay game at this moment. Who knows though, Maybe Google Wallet for the iOS platform will help a lot with shopping online, or even replace the Passbook apps’ ticket collection function. Who knows what will happen, Google definitely knows what they are doing though, and as for most of their products, we can expect it to be something really awesome. Wouldn’t you agree?

Then again, Google could just be trying to ring up some statistics for the interest of the service on different platforms. It’ll be interesting to see how things move forward after this, especially getting Google Wallet on iOS. We all know how they feel about Google Maps, and we’re sure they wouldn’t want Google Wallet interfering with their Passbook users.

We’ll make sure to keep you updated if anything else surfaces in the next couple of weeks.

Anyone interested in Google Wallet coming to other platforms like Blackberry, iOS, and webOS even? Would it be something that you would use on a regular basis if it was on your platform of choice? Let us know in the comments below!

source: android central

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