Google Very Close To Completing Acquisition Of Facial Recognition Firm Viewdle

You may have not of heard, but yesterday Google was able to surpass Microsoft to take over the number two spot on the largest tech firm list as measured by market cap. A lot of Google’s success can be attributed to their massively diverse portfolio of products and services. It’s not surprising, but that portfolio is getting close to growing once again as reports indicate that Google is very close to completing another acquisition. Google had just recently took Motorola Mobility under their belt, but now they are taking in the facial recognition technology firm Viewdle for something around $30 to $45 million. Supposedly this deal has been in the works for nearly a year after Motorola had first started the initial talks with Viewdle. Whatever the case, Google is definitely looking to advance their facial recognition software with this purchase, especially after how “hackable” the one with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was.

Viewdle’s current facial recognition technology (which is quite impressive) can be used to easily and automatically rag photos. This capability was put to work in their SocialCamera App that would automatically tag your Facebook friends. In addition to this awesome photo tagging application, the facial recognition firm has also created a Android game, which was call Third Eye. Third Eye tried to stitch a lot of elements from a MMPORG title with social gaming, which was sort of odd, but seemed to work fairly well.

This new acquisition of Viewdle and their facial recognition technology should definitely allow Google to move forward with technology like this and even integrate it into a variety of their platforms such as Google+, Picasa or even the entirety of the Android platform. Aside from just integrating it into those platforms, I can only imagine what the acquisition of this firm will bring to life. As you know, firms dedicated to one technology tend to make a lot of progress and make an overall good product. With Google having quite the interest in facial recognition technology for the Android system, I can see where they would want to purchase Viewdle. Google’s facial recognition technology can only improve from here on out. Being an owner of an Alienware laptop that has facial recognition, I would be really glad to see the technology improve because at the current state of it, everyone and their Uncle can get into my laptop for some odd reason.

With that said, you have to keep in mind that this acquisition isn’t just going to be a huge boost for Google in this area, but the tech world as a whole. It’s going to encourage a lot of big companies to keep up with Google, and if facial recognition turns out to be a huge thing for them, we can definitely expect to see this technology improve as a whole. Ever heard of the saying, “Monkey see, monkey do?” Yeah. That applies in the tech world massively.

Is anyone looking forward to seeing how this acquisition works out and how long it takes? It took quite some time for acquire Motorola, which probably had to deal with how large the company was, so it will be interesting to see how fast Google can acquire Viewdle.

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source: talk android

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