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Google to offer Quanta-built $99 Nexus in the US in Q4

Recent report suggests that Google may be working closely with Quanta Computer Inc, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of notebook computers and electronic hardware, to build a cheaper tablet that the search giant would call Nexus. If reports were true, it would hit the U.S. shores in the fourth quarter in a bid to beat the competition during the holidays.

DigiTimes, a website dedicated to publishing latest news and updates in technology, reported yesterday that Google will employ Quanta’s manufacturing services to build the next Google Nexus. While it may sound a little bit amazing to own a Nexus device for less than a hundred dollars, something has to give in and in this case it’s the specs.

In the report, it was stated that Quanta will be using an ARM-based chipset with single-core processor from WonderMedia Technologies, a China-based semiconductor company. The display panel—HUVA TN—will reportedly be coming from Taiwan’s HannStar Display. So, for $99 you really cannot expect to get at least, a dual-core processor or a better display. If this were to become a reality, it still has unforeseen outcome.

Sure, it is easier to sell a Google-branded Nexus device but people who are into finding devices with impressive specs will never spend hundred bucks for it. It is easier to see where Google is coming from and why it has to build a device with low specs but people, especially Android users, are used to seeing devices with impressive specifications. So, if this device will be released, it would create a negative impact on Google’s reputation as one of Apple’s fierce competitors.

On the other hand, Asus already made it clear that it will not build a tablet that would be marketed for $99 and it is obviously because the company couldn’t gain good profit from it. While this story sounds logical and legit, it must be taken with a grain of salt. Let’s just wait what Google and Quanta have to say about it. For now, neither made official comments regarding this development.

[source: DigiTimes]

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