Google to hold an event on October 29th

The smart phone and mobile operating system fight between Google and Microsoft is becoming hotter and hotter day by day. The two companies, one from the east coast and from the west coast, have been rivals in almost all of their functional areas, be it the mobile operating system, search engine, office suite, online services, and much more. But now, the fight is getting more interesting as Google is holding the rumoured event on October 29th, the same day Microsoft is going to unveil its new operating systems, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

The search engine giant, Google, sent out invitations today to media with a colorful image of the New York skyline along with the Brooklyn Bridge. The tag line on the event is, “The playground is open.” Now that could mean that just anything for you and me, but does it have anything to do with the Android Play Store by any chance?

Well anyway, what can we expect from the company at its event on the 29th of this month? Well, the company is expected to announce updates to its latest instalment of the mobile operating system, Android 4.1, also known as Jelly Bean. We could see some updates which would bring in additional features to the operating system. And there is also the talk that the company might announce some changes to the Android Play Store, keeping in mind the “playground” reference from the invitation.

And can we expect the company to give a demo of the new Google Maps app that it has been building for Apple’s iOS? We have already seen leaked images of the app in working, but can that happen at the event? We are not sure of it.

Scheduled for October 29 at 10 a.m. ET, the press conference will be held at Basketball City in New York. But if you are not able to attend the event, you do not have to worry, as the event will be made available to enthusiastic viewers online live at

Source: CNET