Google Play Seller Support Now Available In India

This is a huge deal. Google Play seller support is on its way to India. Surely you guys over there have to be really excited. Previously, app developers who lived out in India were only able to make free applications, which has obviously limited the potential that apps coming out of India have. Businesses based around app sales couldn’t form, nor could people earn any sort of revenue off of a app that became extremely popular. All of that is really just limiting, but thankfully now that seller support is on its way, things can change. Starting today, Indian developers will be able to submit paid apps, in-app purchases and subscriptions to the Google Play Store. Yes, you can now charge for your application. This is surely going to open up the realm of creativity now that people know they can earn some sort of fruit from their labor. For existing developer who have already gotten their app pushed to the app store, you can simply add a in-app purchases while Google continues to work on publishing a paid version.

On top of all of this, users purchasing applications in India can now purchase them in their respective currency as opposed to USD. Google is encouraging that all developers start setting the proper pricing information for Indian Rupees as soon as they possibly can. As you can imagine, all of this is great news for both Android and India. India is one of the fastest growing areas for the Android platform, as it actually had a 400 percent jump in device activation’s over this past year. Google has even noted that in the last 6 months, more applications have been downloaded inside of Indie than the past three years in India combined. All of that said, these new changes are really going to start influencing developers around the world to start providing great quality applications, which as you can imagine, will benefit anyone sporting an Android device.

You can read the full details that was just released on the Android Developers Blog. One thing that was noted in the blog, is that they are going to start rolling the Seller Support out for other countries soon too. That means we should be seeing more and more countries getting added to the list. I can only imagine some of the great apps that are going to surface because of this. Opening up the selling platform to more and more people is only going to continue to encourage the creativity from developers. Having more options, and even better quality options for the apps we currently have will no doubt be amazing, and who knows what else some of the developers have up their sleeves?

Who knows, maybe this means that users in India will be able to buy Play Store products too (e.g. Chromebook, Nexus Q).

Are you from India? Do you plan on continuing to make great quality applications with this new move from Google? If you don’t make apps already, are you going to start now that you can earn some sort of fruit from your hard labor? Let us know in the comments below!

source: android central

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