Google Play Revenues Up By 137%

App Annie reports that Google Play revenues have risen by 137% during the first seven months of 2012. This figure has many implications. For one, it shows that Google is getting increasingly adept at encouraging the users of Android apps to pay.

AndroidAuthority analyzes that current trend is beneficial for Google, app developers, and even consumers. For Google, this means more revenue as well because the Mountain View company is entitled to a percentage of sales of each paid app. App developers are benefited because through the apps, they are able to monetize putting the app itself for sale instead of depending on the revenue earned from advertisements. Lastly, Google Play’s rising revenues will convince more app developers to bring their apps to Android. Thus, consumers are provided with a wider selection of apps.

There are, however, some disadvantages. For one, the sheer number of apps available on Google Play is making it more difficult to get relevant results in search. This drives some apps into oblivion. Some remedies to the situation, however, are Google Play’s Editors’ Choice feature, as well as the comments and ratings left by other users.

Meanwhile, it is getting increasingly harder for app developers to get their app noticed. App Annie has some suggestions in marketing apps, such as getting the help of journalists and app reviewers before the app is released. App Annie advises that developers provide these writers with a way to test out the app for free. It might be helpful, as well, to look beyond popular app review sites and promote the app in online communities which may find the app useful or enjoyable. For instance, a photography app should have some presence in photography blogs and groups, even if it is not a common practice for them to publish app reviews. Equally important with promotion is support, especially if developers are selling items within the app itself. Lastly, developers can get help from analytics tools to know where the crucial areas for improvement in their app are.

via androidauthority, appannie