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Google Nexus 7 is Carphone Warehouse’s Best-Selling Android Tablet To Date

The mobile device retailer Carphone Warehouse announced that the Google Nexus 7 tablet is currently their best-selling Android tablet since it was released on July 27. Without giving the actual sales figures, the company says that the tablet beats other Android tablets in their catalog such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Asus Transformer Prime.

Carphone Warehouse cites the Google Nexus 7’s £159 price as its selling point versus the other Android-based tablets. Nonetheless, the numbers obtained by the Nexus 7 are still low as compared to Apple’s three iPad tablets. It must be noted, however, that the Nexus 7 has only been in the market for a shorter time as compared to all three tablets by Apple. Furthermore, these two kinds of devices are targeted at different kinds of consumers.

Regarding this record, Carphone Warehouse’s Chief Commercial Officer Graham Stapleton comments, “It’s impressive that this product is our biggest selling Android tablet, and it will be really interesting to see if other manufacturers will follow suit with smaller tablets over the coming months to spice up the Christmas period.”

Stapleton further states that the demand for smaller tablets like the Google Nexus 7 is growing. He notes, “We’re seeing a real shift in what customers are using their tablets for, with more and more watching content on the go. It’s now common to see people using their tablets during the morning commute or catching up on the day’s news in a local coffee shop, and smaller devices make it easier to handle.”

The success of the Google Nexus 7 is encouraging for makers of similar affordable tablets like the newly-released Amazon Kindle Fire HD, which costs £159.

Meanwhile, another Apple device with a size closer to the Google Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD is expected to be revealed by the Cupertino company shortly. Believed to be called the iPad Mini, the tablet will go head-to-head against these similarly-sized slates.

via telegraph, androidauthority

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