Google Maps Street View now Available to iPhone Users via Web App


The iOS 6 Maps app hasn’t been kind to iPhone users ever since it was made available last month. The fact that Google Maps was removed in favor of this so called “better” app, was like adding fuel to fire. Tons of iPhone users were expecting Google to launch the Google Maps app in the iTunes AppStore at least to make life a little easier, but that didn’t happen either. But thanks to Google, there is a way iPhone users can finally get the Google Maps experience. Google has just updated the web app of Google Maps to bring the Street View feature. While this is not as perfect as the complete application, it does the job fairly well.

To get access to this app, all a user has to do is head over to Google Maps via Safari on the iPhone/iPad and click on the third icon from the bottom of the screen (the one with a tiny person on it) and enjoy Street View the way it was intended. So finally deprived iPhone users can breathe a sigh of relief with them being able to experience at least some part of the original Google Maps experience. This makes us think as to how long it will take for the actual app to make way to the AppStore. But we’re guessing Google wouldn’t want to make things that easy and rightly so. No other mobile platform other than Android, has a separate application for Google Maps, not that we know of at least. So we are guessing Google would want to keep it that way.

Alternatively, there are other third party Maps applications in the AppStore freely available, which are not as smooth as Google Maps but will still do alright. We can understand the frustration of the iPhone users, which should aid them to make the switch to Android or probably Nokia Windows Phones as Nokia has a pretty neat Maps service. What would your word of advice for iOS users be? Switch to Android or make peace with what they have?

Source: iPhone In Canada
Via: Phone Arena