Google Maps Mobile Street View confirmed

It’s official! A few days after Apple CEO Tim Cook personally recommended Google Maps as alternative to its dysfunctional Maps app, the Internet-giant confirms the availability of Street View photography to Google Maps Mobile. This therefore, makes Google the finest substitute to the new Apple Maps app on iOS 6, used in the latest iPhone 5 device.

Google Street View photography is a much-anticipated online mapping service by users of smartphone on iOS 6, as it promises to convey best-quality street-level images to the mobile web version of Google Maps.

Last week’s report from the New York Times said Google Maps Mobile will offer its Street View feature, the Google Maps version accessible through smartphone browser. And now, the service is open.

In the latest confirmation of Google to Search Engine Land, the company disclosed that Street View should materialize in Google Maps Mobile by Wednesday but it turned out not the precise timing. On a blog post this Friday, October 5th, Google has yet again assertively said:

“Starting today, use Street View on your mobile browser to check out a new shop across town or get a feel for the ambiance at a restaurant before you arrive.”

This statement has concluded all prior speculations and questions as to when the feature is really coming out.

Users of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices without a Google Maps app must be glad to learn on the good news. Android users however, may no longer be interested with this change since they already have access to Street View photography and turn-by-turn navigation through Google Maps for Android app.

On September 25th, Google chairman Eric Schmidt in Tokyo’s press event has said that Apple should have held with Google Maps. But regardless of what Google would say, the iPhone-maker still has its final words for its innovations. After all, “it’s their call,” according to Schmidt.

The Internet-giant has been creating its online mapping system since 2005. With the use of satellites and cars, Google amassed valuable information that helps enhance the reliability and accuracy of its mapping application.

Apart from the panoramic views of city streets and tiny navigation buttons for moving around in them, the new Street View functionality in Google Maps also allows users to take a little virtual stroll and move down city streets as well as tilt the view around.

Prior reports however claimed the Street View service also has some curbs.

As per CNET review, the system’s panoramic views of the streets are a bit irregular and some images are a little distorted. It also lacks the zoom-in function. Other reports also said some data in the regular Google Maps are not present in Street View.

While minor limitations do exist in the new mapping system, Google Maps Street View functionality still seizes a clear advantage over the newly-introduced Apple Maps application on iOS 6.

Owners of iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, utilizing the web-based Google Maps version may now visit to add Google’s new Street View functionality to their home screen. The Web version of the app works in both Chrome and Safari browsers on iOS.

Source: Search Engine Land | CNET

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