Google launches Play Store seller support in India

India has been one of the biggest markets for Google’s Android mobile operating system. The market has grown exponentially in the last few years and now there are millions of Android users in the country. This means that there are millions of app downloads from the Android Play Store as well. Google now thinks that it is time for the country to get some developer attention from the world’s greatest search engine giant.

In this regard, the company has decided to start Play Store developer support in the country. This is a huge news for Android app developers in the country, which means tens of thousands of people. There are many advantages of having Play Store seller support, for example, you will be able to monetize your apps and data more accurately to your needs. Slash Gear writes:

Developers in India can now sell apps, subscriptions, and in-app products. Payments will be issued monthly to local bank accounts, according to the announcement. This opens the doors for Indian developers to monetize their work, and for local businesses to take advantage of the Play Store marketplace.

As of today, developers in India can utilize seller support via their Developer Console account. After signing in, developers will then need to create a Google Checkout merchant account, after which new apps can be published as paid products. For those who already have apps in the Play Store, a subscription or in-app product can be added for monetization.

Not just this, developers can now sell their apps on the Android Play Store in more than one currency, that is, they can sell their apps in the local currency, that is Indian Rupees (INR), and also in the popular currency, US Dollars (USD). The developers can turn this opportunity into huge profits. It is to see how the country will react to this.


Source: Slash Gear