Google+ for Symbian gets updated

If you are still using a Symbian smart phone, for some reason, and just love the Google Plus social network, your experience of the social network on your smart phone has just got better. The sad thing is that Google does not have a native client, or app for Google Plus on the platform. So your only hope to use Google Plus on your Symbian smart phone is to log in to it from your browser. But that does not give you a very good user experience. But now, as the company has updated its HTML5 mobile site of Google Plus, the experience has just got better.

First, what do you have to do to get started? Steve Litchfield of All About Symbian explains:

  1. In Web on your modern Symbian smartphone, type in – don’t worry, you only have to do this once!
  2. You’ll be asked to sign into Google (if you’re not already) in Web. Do so. Again, this is something you won’t have to do every time, as the appropriate cookie will keep you logged in. You’ll then be at the front screen of the HTML5 version of Google+, showing the default view, ‘Stream’.
  3. Bookmark this by tapping on the star (or bookmark) icon in the Belle browser and then on ‘+’. Accept the form by tapping on ‘More’>’Save’ as you’d expect (or, under the Belle FP2 browser, tap on ‘Back’ and then say ‘Yes’ to saving it). You’re done.

Now that you are there, you will see the all new interface of the mobile Google Plus website. You can notice that you can now use swipe gestures to move from one Stream view to another. And if you open a photo album, you can also change from one photo to another with just a swipe, like you would do in your Gallery app.

But since this is not a native app and is a web interface filled with heavy weight Java Script code, the interface will be slow and you will have to wait sometimes for the content to load completely. But as a whole, the company has done a good job.

Source: All About Symbian