Google Develops Malware Scanner for Google Play

Google is reportedly addressing the growing number of malware attacks on Android-based devices by developing an Android malware scanner.

According to the Android Police blog, the Google Play Store’s most recent APK release, which is called version 3.9.16, shows something called App Check. The blog offers that App Check will be a client-side malware protection that will scan the apps that a user has downloaded, and give an alert in case one of them appears to be malware.

Apart from this, it will also scan any new apps being installed and stop the installation process if the app is suspicious.  However, users supposedly will also be given the freedom to ignore the actions of the App Check.

The same blog also shows images of a triangle with an exclamation mark that might be used to indicate the presence of malware. Likewise, there is an image of a shield that may show that the Android user is safe.

App Check is expected to be pushed out in upcoming Play Store updates. It is also expected to work side-by-side with Bouncer, Google’s server-side malware guard.

As opposed to App Check, Bouncer scans apps that are downloaded through the Play Store. Android users, however, are still vulnerable to malware threats from third-party app collections.

A few months ago, Kaspersky Labs, the team behind the popular antivirus software, announced that malware threats during the second quarter of this year have gone up almost 300 percent. 49 percent of this are said to be Trojans. Kaspersky Labs also predicts that the Android malware attacks will likely increase and target more personal and confidential data on mobile devices, such as credit card numbers and other bank account information.

Meanwhile, Google’s App Check may be traced to the Mountain View company’s recent acquisition of VirusTotal, a free service that analyzes malicious files on computers. In Google’s statement, it announced that it will be giving VirusTotal the necessary infrastructure to expand the free service.

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