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Gmail for iOS gets an Update; Now Supports the iPhone 5


The iPhone 5 launched recently with much fanfare and hype. Although it didn’t bring anything spectacularly new to the table, it does have a lengthier display now which means that there is an additional fourth row for apps. And given the lengthy nature of the device, app developers had to make some tweaks to their existing apps so that there’s no annoying black space on the top and the bottom of the display. Most developers have already made the changes and now Google has followed suit for the Gmail app. The Gmail for iOS app was launched late last year to woo Gmail users on iPhones and other iOS devices.

The app also brings forth a service known as CardDAV which helps with contacts syncing. Gmail for iOS already has push notifications for incoming emails, which is an excellent feature. Even the native mail app of iOS doesn’t have that feature, sadly. So we’re not surprised why more people prefer this over the native iOS Mail client. The only gripe with this app is the inability to add multiple accounts and also as it’s only limited to Google accounts, users with Hotmail or Yahoo accounts have no use for this. Because personally if that feature existed, I don’t see how any users would even use the native Mail app. And Apple certainly wouldn’t want that to happen.

Google has been relatively quick relatively when it comes to updating its apps on iOS. We saw the YouTube app hit the AppStore almost immediately after iOS 6 was announced. So it can be said that Google has been quicker than other developers when it comes to providing support  for its apps on iOS which is great considering that Apple and Google are bitter rivals in the industry. Expect other Google apps to be updated for the 4-inch iPhone in the coming days. We hope Google launches the Google Maps app in the AppStore too which will find more users as Apple Maps is not really what the users want now. Since Apple has openly recommended users to go for third party Map applications until Apple Maps is sorted out, Google couldn’t ask for a better time.

The app is downloadable from the AppStore for free, so go get it if you haven’t already.

Source: iTunes AppStore
Via: Phone Arena

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