Get Start menu back on Windows 8 with Pokki

One of the most interesting and very useful features of the Windows operating system is its Start menu. The Start menu is present on the bottom left corner of the operating system always, ever since the first graphical user interface of the operating system was released to the world. The Start menu serves many purposes. It lists all the software installed on a machine, displays the list of recently used programs and recently opened files, many shortcuts to many features of the operating system, for example, the Control Panel.

But in the latest edition of the operating system, which is Windows 8, the Redmond based operating system giant has decided to become intuitive and has removed the Start menu completely. So for a lot of users who are addicted to the Start menu and for those who are not tech savvy people to find their way with the new operating system, the exclusion of the Start menu is going to be an annoyance.

If you are once such person, you do not have to worry much, because there is a solution. And it is called Pokki. Pokki is a start up company which is determined to bring mobile apps and games to the desktop computers, both on Windows and Mac operating systems. The company builds up an environment inside your Windows or Mac operating system where mobile apps can be downloaded and installed. But that is not the attraction here.

Along with this mobile app support, the company has included a really good feature called the Pokki menu, which is very similar to the Start menu of the Windows operating system, but a lot better. Forbes writes:

Along with the mobile app functionality, Pokki has included it’s own version of the missing “start menu” in the form of the “Pokki menu,” which restores the functionality that Windows users will find intuitive, including access to programs, control panels and shut down. What this software does to overall system performance probably varies from machine to machine based on processor speed and version of Windows, but it is a very innovative marketing strategy to use what many users will consider as a missing feature in Windows 8 as a hook for a revenue producing app platform.

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Source: Forbes

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