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Get Hurricane Sandy updates via iPhone and Android, download Red Cross Hurricane App now

The American Red Cross offers real-time update about Hurricane Sandy for people who have iPhones or Android devices through a free app called Hurricane App that is now available on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. It is the most convenient way to get the latest news and updates both local and national for people who may be affected by the storm and are fleeing from their homes. It has been proven useful especially if there is no power available in the area.

The app also offers practical tips on what to do before, during and after the storm has passed. The interface is easy-to-use and every bit information it provides is straight forward. You have the guarantee of the Red Cross that all information, especially news, being fed to the app is the most recent and official. Above all, the app has all necessary features that everyone might need in times like this. Among the features you can take advantage of are the following:

One touch messaging. The Hurricane app offers one touch “I’m safe” messaging to serve as reassurance for your family and friends that you’re out of the harm’s way. The message will be broadcast to social media outlets for everyone to see.

Red Cross locations. Using the app, you can easily locate open Red Cross shelters near your current position. It is difficult and too risky to wander off looking for safe places to stay during the storm; this feature will save you more time.

Family emergency plan tips. There are simple steps and checklists available in the app that you can use to create a family emergency plan. When you’re panicking, it is difficult to think clearly on what to do, so Red Cross made sure that with the help of the app, you will be guided accordingly.

These are just three of the features you can the app offers. The full list of features can found on iTunes or the Play Store, you just need to read the description of the app.

Furthermore, Hurricane Sandy weakened to a Category 1 storm late Thursday as it hovers over low-lying southeastern islands in the Bahamas. Early Friday, the storm already left 31 casualties as it continues to gain mass spawning a “hybrid” super storm. It is expected to hit the U.S. East Coast and cause even more destruction before it exits the country. If you are one of the people that will be affected by Hurricane Sandy or know someone who might be in its way, you better download the app now.

Download Hurricane App: For iPhone Users | For Android Users

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