German Police monitor Gmail, Skype, and Facebook via snooping malware

Germany, which was till now considered to be an efficient nation in many terms, is not so anymore. The police department of the country has given out a statement, accidentally of course, that has raised concerns among the citizens of the nation. The police department has said that it will monitor your Google Main, MSN main, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, and Skype conversations if necessary. Now, what could the necessity possibly be?

Well, the answer is pretty simple – national security and safety. If there is some terrorist activity going on and in case the terrorists are using any of the aforementioned means to communicate, they can be easily tracked down. What the police department is trying to do is correct, but this arises ethical and privacy issues among users. Nobody would like their personal conversations being recorded or listened by another person, a third person.

But how will the police department possibly monitor so many accounts without any consent from the users or without knowing the passwords? Will the service providers of the mentioned services give out complete access to the police department? Well, not really. But the police department will make use of the unethical practice of circulating snooping malware. Well, that’ the fact.

These snooping malware, if they gain access to your computer, can easily send your private data to the police department for them to monitor your activities. If they get a suspicion on you, they can then easily catch hold of you. I guess the importance of using encrypted channels is being understood now.

But if you still want to play it safe and let nobody listen to what you talk with your girlfriend, you can use a better and conventional way of communication, do you agree? Well, the police department can go high on technology any day it wants to monitor any data of the internet users. The best thing to do is to play it safe.

Source: Ubergizmo