Galaxy Note II: Features To Look Forward To

The Galaxy Note 2 has just released today for T-Mobile customers, and it will soon be releasing for AT&T customers as well on November 9th. As manufactures move forward with better hardware specifications, devices are beginning to look very similar when it comes down to the hardware side of things. With that said, companies are starting to have to distinguish themselves through the various software features that they offer. Examples of that are Samsung’s TouchWiz interface and HTC’s Sense. The Galaxy Note 2 is no exception to that rule, in fact it is loaded with features that you can use in your day-to-day life. That said, here are five features that you should be looking forward to in the Galaxy Note 2:

S Beam is one of the features that appeared in the Galaxy S III, but is still one of those features that will make you say, “Wow, it can do that?”. S Beam will allow you to exchange files with other handsets via the use of NFC (Near Field Communication) or over a Wi-Fi connection. No more need to take the time to upload a file or photo in your e-mail and send it off to the person that requested it. Of course, that has its own uses, but if you’re together with someone, simply using S Beam will make the process so much easier.

Pop-Up Play allows you to be pretty dang productive with your Note 2. Pop-Up Play will allow you to have windowed applications. Say you want to watch a video while writing an e-mail to a friend or even your boss. You can load up a video, turn on Pop-Up Play and throw that video on the top corner of the device while you use the rest of the device’s real estate to write that e-mail. Definitely a feature I am extremely looking forward to.

I’m not sure S-Pen is something that you would consider a feature but more of a tool. The S-Pen allows you to do a wide range of different stuff with your Galaxy Note 2, and while I haven’t really looked into all of the S-Pen capabilities yet, I can definitely say that the AirPlay feature is going to be one of the big things that will save you a lot of time. Not only that, but you may just enjoy writing e-mails with the S-Pen as well, although it may not be as fast as your typing skills.

Another “feature” that users are going to enjoy, is the dominant hand feature. Samsung is trying to appeal to both those who are efficient with either their right hand or their left hand. After selecting that, it will adjust the Galaxy Note 2 accordingly. This is definitely not something revolutionary, but still extremely helpful.

The Proximity Sensor is something that we all will be looking forward to as well. Simply waving you palm over the device will tell the sensor to take a snapshot of your screen. Or when your device is in sleep mode, waving your hand over it will cause it to wake up and get you up to date on all of your missed notifications.

I’m definitely looking forward to this baby and can’t wait to get my hands on it when November 9th comes around the corner for AT&T.