Galaxy Note 2 kernel now open for T-Mobile, US Cellular, Sprint

Open source software is the kind of software that is winning hearts these days. For example, Linux, and Linux based Android. There are many advantages of using open source software. One of them is that you get a lot of options. And if you know how to work your way around such software, you can modify the code and make your own build of the software. That is what Android modders and ROM developers do. And to make the lives of these modders and ROM developers easier, Android smart phone manufacturers release or open source the code for the kernels for their smart phone, and that is exactly what Samsung has done for its latest power house, the Galaxy Note II.

Yes, the South Korean tech giant has released the kernel source code for the T Mobile, US Cellular, and Sprint. Not just that, as a bonus, the company made available the source code for the AT&T Rugby Pro as well. What does this mean to the average smart phone user? Well, if you are an average smart phone who does not bother what’s under the hood and what all you can get from your smart phone if you install a custom ROM, this means nothing to you.

But for a power user, who is always looking for ways to increase the performance of his smart phone, to over clock the already powerful processor under the hood, or get more battery back up from the king sized battery, then this means you will be able to do all this real soon. Since the kernel source is made open, modders will be happy to take advantage of that and build their own versions of the ROM.

There will be AOKP, AOSP, TouchWiz based, and CM10 based custom ROMs soon enough, and the XDA Developers forum will be buzzing with hundreds of thousands of page views. So if you are a ROM developer, you can get the source code for the Galaxy Note II over at

Source: Android Authority

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