Galaxy Note 2 Is Slimmer Than The Original Galaxy Note

The original Samsung Galaxy Note was ridiculed for being awkward and way too big in your hands. Samsung didn’t care though and decided to make the Galaxy Note 2 even larger, but more thin than the Galaxy Note. I will agree that the Galaxy Note was rather large, but this was due to its thickness, not the size or width of the screen. Although the Note 2 did not drop in thickness drastically, it dropped just enough that it actually felt comfortable in the your hands. Now, it is actually a whole lot easier to use with one hand and will not require you to use two fingers on a keyboard. That said, if the device was too big for you because one finger couldn’t reach across the entire screen, you may just want to give the Galaxy Note 2 a go now that some improvements to the overall design have been made. In terms of design, you could basically call it a larger Galaxy S III, and if you think about, the Galaxy Note 2 is really only an inch bigger than the Galaxy S III. The Galaxy Note 2 is really worth another a try if you’re able to give this guy a go.

Who knows, maybe you would even be interested in keeping the Galaxy Note 2 thanks to its supreme software features that comes with the device. Between the power of S Beam and the awesome productivity focused interface and apps all in one package, you may just find yourself in love with this handset like many others have.

Back to the topic of thickness, the Note 2 is actually very slim compared to what the Note was. It is a tad heavier though, but nothing extremely noticeable. The other complaint with the original Note was that people had trouble fitting it in their pockets. So far, with the release of the international Galaxy Note 2, there really hasn’t been a whole lot of pocket complaints as of yet, in fact, people have actually been praising the Galaxy Note II for actually fitting in their pockets this time around. So, either people have gotten bigger pants, or Samsung has done a great job at making sure that this device stays at a point of slimness. You really have to hand it to Samsung for providing some great improvements, and even introducing some really new and nice features to this device. Samsung is one of the companies that I would argue actually listens to their customers, except for when it comes to their update timelines. Oh my, lets not even get into that.

Although Samsung has provided a larger screen on the Galaxy Note 2, they have reduced its overall thickness to a very decent amount. For this very reason, do you plan on giving the Galaxy Note 2 when it arrives on your carrier, or are you not going to bother with it at all? I think the Galaxy Note 2 is shaping up to be the best Android phone on the market and might even be able to hold that crown for a month or two.


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