Gaikai Preparing To Begin Streaming Sony PlayStation Games, Android Devices Might Be A Possibility In The Future

Sony is already gaining a lot of speed with new items like its PlayStation Mobile service, but what else could Sony possibly do? It’s only obvious that they had to acquire yet another giant in the gaming industry with the hopes of bringing more and more titles to the world as a whole. It had just been recently announced that Sony recently took in Gaikai under its wing and it is now speculated that we are going to be seeing the effects of this new adoption fairly soon here. Gaikai is getting ready to begin streaming some extremely popular titles like the Gear of War series, and Metal Gear Solid along with mass Effect. With Gaikai, soon enough we are going to be playing a lot of this big titles on out PSP’s or PS Vita’s even. On the other hand, since Gaikai is actually very well known for streaming different content and games onto Android devices, Sony might be looking to hand out PlayStation Certification to more and more Android devices as they push forward with the Gaikai service. With that said, there is definitely some hope here that we’ll be seeing some pretty big titles out their streamed on our Android devices. Of course, there hasn’t been anything very concrete from Sony or Gaikai as of yet, but you can probably imagine that the possibility is very real, especially for the various Android devices becoming more and more powerful as more new handsets get released.

Of course, we’re going to just probably wait and see how successful Sony is going to be with streaming various games onto its consoles before they even think about bringing the service to our Android device. Hopefully the process will be speedy and we will indeed see it on our Android devices. Of course, OnLive, at least I think, didn’t turn out so well on Android devices. Sony, being a different company has a huge chance at making this happen by taking a different approach, but I really didn’t think it worked on your dinky Android screen very well. Running it on a tablet was a stretch alone. Who knows though, maybe Sony will make some revolutionary idea to get things rolling on this platform. Knowing Sony, and based off of their track record, it is very well in the realm of possibility.

Whatever the case, since Sony originally purchased the Gaikai service, they have made a ton of progress and are moving forward with the whole idea extremely fast. With that said, it really shouldn’t be long before we see some fruit of their efforts. Is anyone looking forward to seeing what Gaikai is going to be like and how it will turn out? Do you think that Sony will be successful with this new project they’ve taken upon themselves? I don’t, and for a couple reasons, which ties into the whole “corporate” idea that is within the games industry. Maybe we should throw up an editorial on that?

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source: talk android