Full Rumored HD Smartphones From Samsung and HTC Supposedly Launching In First Half Of 2013

As you can imagine, 1080p displays seem to be the most sensible step in terms of advancing with technology in the mobile industry. HTC may currently be one of the only manufacturers that have an upcoming, listed handset touting a very high resolution, with both Samsung Electronics and LG looking to get in on this soon as well. What isn’t surprising, is that both Samsung Electronics and LG will be launching handsets with full HD AMOLED and LCD displays in the first half of next year. This could be a hint at full HD in Samsung’s flexible AMOLED displays that have — just recently — been pushed back to 2013. This is just speculation, but we were also expecting to see these flexible displays in the first half of 2013. That said, depending if Samsung’s 2013 window for launching these displays haven’t been pushed back as well, this could be a hint at flexible displays. That, or this news concerning the full HD displays could just be another confirmation of Samsung Electronics boosting their glass AMOLED display production.

With the boost in devices’ resolution also comes with a nice boost in ppi (if you didn’t know, ppi stands for pixels per inch, which is a measurement of the resolution for display screens). That said, we’ll be looking at a bit over 400ppi with these upcoming full HD handsets. As you can imagine, this is going to produce a stunningly beautiful display, which you might be able to gauge against Apple’s retina displays. Of course, at this point we are only able to speculate as to which devices from Samsung and LG will be the first to incorporate this type of display. This makes me wonder if the rumored Galaxy S IV will be touting one of these beautiful 1080p displays. Samsung’s rumored Galaxy S IV timeline is starting to make sense, if it should have an HD display. Rumors say that it’s set to release in March after the announcement at the Mobile World Congress.

Apple’s flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5, is very well known for how clear the images are on the device. It’s ppi (pixels per inch) is set at 326. That said, if Samsung and LG were able to increase their phones by a good 60 – 70 ppi, can you imagine how crisp and clear that would look compared to what the iPhone currently offers? You do have to admit that Apple is very good at providing some great displays, so if we gauge the 400 ppi against the 326 ppi iPhone, can you actually imagine how good that would look? I personally think that it may look even better than what the Retina displays currently offer, but we’ll just have to wait and see for official confirmation on that at the upcoming Mobile World Congress.

If Samsung and HTC release a full HD smartphone, do you think that it would look better than a Retina display based off of the ppi that it is offering? Will you be one of the people to jump on that bandwagon upon the launch date of these rumored handsets?

source: talk android