Fujitsu Announces Arrow Tab Waterproof Windows 8 Tablet

Fujitsu’s Arrows Tab has made another public appearance, following the one it made during last year’s CEATEC event. This time around, however, the tablet is running on Windows 8 instead of Android Honeycomb.

The tablet’s main feature is its IPX5/7 water resistance. Users can thus tote the tablet around whether they are in the kitchen, in a bathtub, or near a pool without fear that it will get damaged.

It has dimensions of 181 × 262 × 11.3 mm and weighs 599 grams. It sports a 10.1-inch LCD screen that is possibly the same or similar with last year’s Android-based Arrows Tab, which had a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution. The tablet also comes with a quick-response Saku-Saku touch panel that facilitates user input and also shows the Windows logo on its front. On the tablet’s side is a volume control and a power button. Meanwhile, on its rear, one finds the Arrowss Tab logo. There is likewise a proprietary connector at the bottom of this Fujitsu tablet. Meanwhile, on one side of the tablet is a micro-USB port and a microSD card slot for memory expansion. Users will also find a front-facing camera and a rear-facing camera for picture-taking and video-calling purposes.

Unlike last year’s tablet, however, the new Windows 8-based Arrows Tab will have sharper corners and a metallic finish with some texture. Meanwhile, Last year’s Arrows Tab, in comparison, sported a shiny plastic back covering and a more rounded design.

Other details surrounding the new Arrows Tab, such as its price, availability, and other hardware specifications, are still unavailable at the moment. Last year’s Arrowss Tab, according to Fujitsu’s press release, also came with a hand gesture input control, as well, and several preloaded apps that offered local content for its Japanese users. Howeve, it is currently unknown whether these will be offered on the new tablet, as well.

It is expected that the Windows 8-based Arrowss Tab will be made available around October to November this year.

via tablet-news, engadget, fujitsu