Foxconn Warns Injured Workers To Stop Medical Support

Foxconn, the leading contract manufacturer for Apple, warned to cut off hospital payments for a severely injured worker if he fails to travel 50 miles for an assessment, a non-government agency reported on Friday.

According to Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior project officer Debby Chan, Foxconn is requiring Zhang Tingzhen to have a medical assessment in the factory where he was first hired in Foxconn, Huizhou.

The 26-year-old Tingzen was electrocuted while trying to fix a spotlight high up on the wall of a Foxconn facility in Shenzhen, China. The worker reportedly fell 12 feet and sustained severe brain damage.

After five operations, Tingzen has been paralyzed after half of his brain was removed. Therefore, traveling 50 miles is nearly impossible for Tingzen because of his condition.

“The doctor told me they needed to monitor his condition and that for such serious injuries, a person was allowed to be treated in hospital for up to two years. After that, assessors can order treatment to be prolonged,” Zhang’s father told Reuters.

Chan asserted Foxconn should be held responsible for the medication of Zhang as he continues his recovery from near-death tragedy.

“Foxconn must bear responsibilities for the injuries,” Chan told “If there are adequate personal protective equipment and measures on the shop floor…the accident could be avoided.”

Foxconn, the major manufacturer’s for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac Computers and other products, claimed they are abiding China’s labor law despite facing accusation of mistreatment of its employees.

“Foxconn is ruthless to pressure the victim to leave the hospital,” Chan said. “Zhang Tingzhen was hired by Foxconn’s factory in Huizhou. However, he was working in the Shenzhen plant when the accident happened. The compensation standard in Huizhou is lower. And Foxconn insisted that Zhang only deserves the compensation level in Huizhou.”