For The Casual Gamer: The Tiny Bang Story

The Tiny Bang Story takes place on Tiny Planet, which is a beautifully steampunk inspired world that had been decimated by a most recent asteroid strike. The goal of the game is to help rebuild the beautiful steampunk planet and restore it to its former glory that it once had before the asteroid strike. To do this, you’ll be able to hunt down a various amount of hidden items, solve complicated puzzles and also have to overcome some seriously frustrating brain teasers. I wasn’t entirely sure whether to write about this for today’s episode of “For The Casual Gamer,” as the brain teasers are actually quite hard and will take some time to complete. As you can see, I did go ahead and write about it, but be warned, this game isn’t just casual, it’s addicting too.

The Tiny Bang Story takes place across five different chapters. What’s cool about these chapters is that each one has their very own hand-drawn location. Along with that, a really good soundtrack for the game was created and all equals to an extremely immersive puzzle solving experience. One thing that you might find interesting about this game is that there is actually no text in the game. You will have to find your way around Tiny Planet all by yourself and try to work out various tasks that neeed to get completed. Essentially you will be creating your own unique adventure across the game, which is nice as it adds a sort of uniqueness that other games are lacking. I was reading a few reviews on this game, and many were complaining about abrupt crashes and such, but the game was just updated yesterday, so things may be stable now (I personally haven’t experienced any of the claimed crashes).

The Tiny Bang Story does cost $2.99, so it is a bit on the expensive side of things, but in the end, I think it is well worth it. It’s a very unique game that takes on a very unique style. The overall opinion of reviewers have been actually really good, so if that says anything to you, it really is worth the $2.99 it asks for. There are 30 different brain challenging levels, so you will definitely get your monies worth in terms of puzzly content. Of course, if you aren’t into puzzles a whole lot, I would suggest passing over this game, as this game really is based all around puzzles in a steampunk world. Overall it is just a beautifully drawn world with some really challenging puzzles to complete. Perfect for burning off some time during the day.

If you are looking to grab the game for yourself, below is a download link that will take you to the Tiny Bang Story page on Google Play. As I said above, I wasn’t entirely sure about putting this in today’s episode of “For The Casual Gamer,” so if you do end up grabbing this game, tell me how you like it in the comments below!

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