For The Casual Gamer: The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale is bizarre  Many have said that you couldn’t create a full-scale 3D role-playing game on Android, and guess what? InXile just managed to do such a thing. Of course, with games like these you are going to have to look at the required specifications and how much storage space it is going to take up. The Bard’s tale specifically is going to require that you have at least 1.7GBs of free space for installing the game after its initial download. Other than that, you are going to need at the very least a 1GHz CPU and a Adrena 205, Tegra 2, SGX 540, Mali 400 or higher GPU. In my experience, I would recommend looking for something like the Tegra 2 specifically, and even the Tegra 3 if you can get your hands on one of those bad boys.

In The Bard’s Tale, you can find at the very least, 30 hours of solid adventuring and gameplay. It is truly a full-scale RPG. In the game you’ll experience over 50 different types of unique enemies (not including the many NPC’s you will come across), and even over 150 unique items of armor and weaponry to choose from. Now, the graphics are probably the best part of this game. I found the narration to be very interesting, but everything else could of used a lot of work. The graphics though? These are amazing. Images are very crisp in the game and detail on characters were not given any compromise. You can definitely tell the amount of work that developer inXile put into the art.

Playing games like these is always a bit frustrating with touch controls, as a lot of the time your fingers are always on the screen and sometimes you can’t even see what you’re doing (you can take Horn for an example). Thankfully inXile went to the trouble to add support for various gamepads to make the experience much easier. Heck, they’ve even put instructions on how to get the Gamepad working on their Google Play page. How much better could controller support get?

The Bard’s Tale is definitely something that you will be dumping a lot of time into. There are hours upon hours of various things to do around the world. It can get very, very addicting to playthrough. Right now the game is having a 50% off sale, so as opposed to the game originally being $5.99, you can pick up this title for $2.99. It’s definitely a steal if you’ve ever experienced some of Gameloft’s $6.99 mediocre games. At this moment, I don’t know if the developer will be adding any extra content to the game, as it is already a massive world. Nevertheless, this is probably the perfect game for you casual gamer’s that aren’t into trying to reach high scores, get to the top in various leaderboards and etc. Picking this up on a lunch break and playing for a couple minutes is pretty easy as well. Just make sure you don’t find yourself extremely addicted! You can hit one of the download links below for your respective devices to pick up the title.

Android Download Link

iPhone Download Link


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