For The Casual Gamer: Osmos

Osmos is basically what they call the “Darwinian world of a galactic mote.” To survive in this vibrantly colored world, you will have to absorb smaller organisms to grow bigger. Of course, during the process of becoming the largest organism, you are going to have to be wary of the larger predators out to absorb you. Osmos is very unique in the sense of its physics engine. Everything you do is based around their physics engine, which happens to be extremely well developed. The physics engine isn’t the only thing that was well developed though, the graphics engine is also something that a lot of work was put into, along with its soothing hypnotic soundtrack full of ambient electronica.

The Android version of Osmos is optimized for both tablets and smartphones, so there is no separate apps for tablets and smartphones, it is all compact in one application. Of course, due to the many touch features Osmos has, this is going to require that your device have multitouch capabilities along with running Android 2.2 or higher. Some of the multitouch features include pinching to zoom, tapping to eject mass, and then flicking to warp time, cool eh? Ejecting matter behind you will cause you to propel yourself forward, and will also cause your organism to shrink.

The game contains two different game modes. One is Odyssey and the other is Arcade. Odyssey mode will take you through a guided 27 level tour through the Osmos Blobiverse, while Arcade mode will allow you to go through 72 different levels at the difficulty of your choice. That said, for $2.99, there is plenty of challenging content to go through and explore. Osmos is definitely one of the better and addictive games on Google Play. Just playing it shows you that a lot of work went into making it a great game and well worth the price tag.

I don’t see the game constantly updated, but when a bug is found, usually there is an update to fix it. I really haven’t seen any sort of content updates for the game since I purchased it a couple weeks ago, but the 72 levels that are in the game already are really enough to justify the $2.99 price tag. Not to mention that this game is very casual, and tied with the relaxing music, it’s a very soothing or “wind-down” experience. The game is definitely better played on the tablet than a smartphone just because you need to eyes on everything that is going on. It is a brilliant game, and levels are fairly short, so hopping in on one and playing it before your work break is over makes this one of perfect games for the casual gamer.

This game is also very puzzle driven, so expect to be using your brain and puzzle solving skills a lot while you play Osmos. If you want to grab the game, you can hit the download link below, which will take you over to their Google Play page.

I personally love this game, and would totally recommend it.

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